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SA Landing Championship 2014

SA Landing Championship November 2014

The sun was out, the sky clear and the wind calm. Another glorious day at Stellenbosch Flying Club!

This particular Saturday was going to be extra ordinarily good and busy. It’s been a while since we’ve had some competition flying at Stellenbosch Airfield so we went all out and hosted the South African Landing Championship with no entry fee! Yes, you heard that right; something in aviation was actually for free!

It turned out to be exceptional! Aviators flocked from all over and registrations filled up in a flash before 8:30am. Coffee and Bacon & Egg rolls kept the mouths busy when the camaraderie were not in full flight while we were working out the slots for the 25 participants.

At 9 am sharp we had an Operational & Safety briefing. For the first timers and for those that thought doing glide approaches with all eyes on you sounded a bit daunting we created a “Fun Class” where you could just do 3 “Free Style” normal everyday type landings or either fly with an Instructor in the formal event. This proved to be a great hit as most of those pilots are now hooked and want to step it up to Pro Class next year! Airborne Insurance was very generous in sponsoring a gorgeous trophy for the Fun Class.

First up a Bosbok flown by Rikus Erasmus

As we all know, you can have the venue, the aircraft, the club, the runway, and the weather but in the end it is nothing without the people. The people are the event. From Organizers, Safety Officers, Judges, Marshalls, Helpers, Barman, Chef’s and Pilots all the way through to Sponsors, I think it is safe to say we all had a blast! This event once again proved that general aviation in South Africa and more so in the Western Cape is alive and healthy and it just leaves you with such a good feeling experiencing it first hand!

Jacques Jacobs International Chief Judge from SAPFA enjoying the Cape!

Mary showing the boys how it gets done!

Peter up for the challenge!

The variety of aircraft was just magic. They ranged from a Bosbok, Vans RV’s, Citabria’s, Decathlons, Cessna’s, Piper Cherokee’s, Twin engine Piper Seneca and even a L39 that did only the one landing but got the bingo! How about that!

Alison Navarro our Club Chairlady joining the fun!

Naturally after we calculated all the scores and the Chief Judge counted his bribes (just kidding!) we came to the results.

SA Landing Championship Overall Result

1. Mary de Klerk

2. Erick Gerber

3. Thys van der Merwe

Fun Class

1. Charles Peck

2. Marc Alperstein

3. Rikus Erasmus

Stellenbosch Flying Club

1. Erick Gerber

2. Peter Westmoreland

3. Frank Olsen


1. Peter Westmoreland

2. Rob Oxley

3. Rikus Erasmus

For a fantastic video made by ShortFinal TV follow this link: http://youtu.be/5mrtOxST4LA

Festive at the Flying Club!

Keep your eyes on the Calendar for the next event coming soon!

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