RV Fly-In 2014

RV Fly-In 2014


This time of the year the Cape have only 2 types of days, bloody awful windy hot or absolutely marvelous! We drew the straws and could not have been luckier!

December 13th 2014 was set for the RV Fly-in/Toy Run and it turned out to be a fantastic day! Even though it was called an RV Fly-In everyone was welcome to fly in with any type of aircraft. First on the scene was a local based RV-6. Even though the Vans RV-6 kit is not available anymore it is still today the most popular sold and built kit plane in the world with 2539 examples been flown. Many RV-6 kits bought before are still being completed.

First RV to actually fly in were Father and Daughter from the beautiful Elgin Valley around the corner in their very popular RV-7!

RV's quickly started flocking in!

Some RV's based at Stellenbosch going for a quick flight before breakfast.

2 Van's RV-8's taking off in formation.

Iwan Davey arriving from Morningstar airfield in his stunning RV-8 built by Robin Coss Aviation.

Autogyro's from Morningstar joining the fun!

Once most of the RV's were parked we went up to get a bird's eye view of the sight. What a beautiful sight it was!

21 RV's were parked at 9am.

As we enter the festive season there will be many boys and girls not as lucky as this one so everyone that flew or drove in brought a soft toy that are going to the Orphanage's in Somerset West & Stellenbosch to make a child smile this Christmas. Thank you very much!

For fun we put together a trivia quiz on Van's Aircraft and Stellenbosch Flying Club. Questions ranged from how old the Flying Club is to what RV stands for? It's 41 years & Richard VanGrunsven, founder and designer for those that did not know!

Over decades of airplane design there have always been a friendly rivalry between pilots flying Taildraggers and those flying Nose wheel aircraft. Since most RV's can be built in either configuration we threw the cat among the pigeons with a bonus question;

Why are taildragger RV's far more superior to those with training wheels?

The answers made my day and especially the ones requiring age restrictions!

Robin Coss chatting RV, showing of his cool products and marking the quizes! Robin sponsored some catchy slogan T-Shirts for the top candidates! Thank you!

Stellenbosch Flying Club members having a great day out!

Rob showing us the RV Grin!

Franz Smit and his fiancé from PilotInsure showing their support and offering their services to the Aviators.

5 More RV's arriving! Better late then never!

Iwan showing off his RV Grin!

At the end of the day we had 51 toys for the children less fortunate! Thank you so much! It really is such a great cause.

Alewyn and his boy Oscar with the Master, Van's approved RV builder, Robin Coss. Robin is such a gentleman and a real aviation enthusiast! Thank you for coming over from Cape Town and hanging out with us!

Old friends catching up! This particular RV-6 below has flown all the way to America and back!

Nothing like a cold beer to unwind after the dust has settled at the Flying Club.