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Reach for a Dream 2015



On Saturday 21 February Stellenbosch Flying Club hosted the annual "Reach for a Dream" foundation where disadvantaged and terminally ill kids were taken on a dream flight!

Even though the day started out a bit cold and windy it did not keep pilots and helpers away. We held a briefing at 8:30 on the days proceedings while over a 100 selected children streamed in from the nearby areas.

By 9:30 the first flight got airborne to take the dreamers on a 15 min flight each. We had 10 aircraft in total and soon it was a case of rotating kids in seats every 2 min! This is where it was phenomenal to see how the club members made it work. I can arrange these events but at the end of the the day it is the people that make or break it. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and did an excellent job and before we knew it, it was 11:30 and everybody had flown!

Happy days!

Ready to go flying!

Pilot and passanger giving us the thumbs up!

There are some guys that you don't have ask to roll up their sleeves, they just come in short sleeves and are always ready to help! Thank you Andre!

Smiles all round!

Pilot Erick ready to make some dreams come true!

You could not wipe that grin off his face even if you tried!

Kids enjoying the jumping castle to its fullest while waiting their turn to go for a flight.

Once the kids landed back they went to the club hangar where they were so lucky to get their faces painted and entertained by a magician.

Once again our most reliable KFC pulled through and donated 130 meals and T-shirts to the children and helpers. Thank you very much KFC!

Dare I say: "It's finger lickin' good!"

A Massive thank you to all the pilots that provided their aircraft and time free of charge! A quick calculation tells me that over 450 litres of fuel was burned alone!


Last but not least a big thank you to KFC, SFC, RFAD and everybody that once again helped in making this day a huge success!

Fly safe and dream big!

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