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Diemerskraal Breakfast Run 2015

Diemerskraal Breakfast Run 2015

Spring time means improved weather and more flying! Stellenbosch Flying Club once again have a year full of fun flying ahead! Pilots, just like their airplanes can't operate on a empty tank so first up is breakfast! Since we were running on reserves lets just hop across to the very well known Diemerskraal Airfield in the General Flying Area!

Usually Diemerskraal makes students nervous as they know airfields in the GFA means, precaution or forced landings! Luckily not today!

First to arrive Father and Son teams Alewyn & Oscar and Iwan & Iwan!

Next up Neville in his RV9a

Followed by Mike in his RV7

Here comes the well known Stellenbosch based RV8 "Scrat" at the capable hands of Peter Westmoreland!

Is this a RV breakfast only?

RV6 owner Farren decided to break the spell and come in his Savannah today! With such a short landing roll the brakes on this Jeep only ever gets used for engine run ups!

Oh look! Another tailwheel aircraft!

Rikus arriving in the ever loving Bosbok!

Another RV6!! Rob and Space rounding out for a nice little three point landing.

a Breakfast run is never complete without a Cub!

Space our resident SFC CFI clearly feeling strong after arriving in a RV! Yes Space, RV's will do that to you!

Stellenbosch Pilots having a chat with our very kind host Phillip Morkel.

Young aviators on their first breakfast run!

First a cup of tea!

or Coffee!

Breakfast is served!

Alewyn & Oscar relaxing after breakfast

Peter Blain came in the iconic V-Tail Bonanza "Magdelene"

John and Liza standing by his beautiful 1946 Piper J3 Cub!

Continental A65 spinning a Sensenich wooden propellor! Absolutely beautiful!

Cessna Land-O-Matics standing their ground against all the tailwheel aircraft! Sorry Cessnas, I'm afraid you are out numbered!

Cindy giving her pax a briefing.

Rikus keeping Bosbok 938 under foot!

Wayne and his instructor in deep thought!

Your guess is as good as mine but one thing is for sure, it gets pretty hot under a RV canopy without a cap and Rob knows that!

What a fantastic group of aviators! See you back at the club for a cold one!

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