Worcester Breakfast Run 2015

Worcester Breakfast Run 2015

What can we say, yet another very successful breakfast run held by Stellenbosch Flying Club! Chris Hughs and his team from Worcester once again did not disappoint. What a fantastic reception. Stellenbosch Flying Club truly thank you for your hard work and making our Saturday morning flying so much more enjoyable!

Descending over Branvlei dam with Worcester beyond it.

Arriving in style with Alan in his beautiful 1944 Howard DGA15P

Some aviators beating us to Worcester already on the ground.

Mike Miller getting his priorities right and decided he'll come after all!

Young aviator arriving hungry.

Dad, this RV looks very funny.... Why does it have an extra wheel under the nose and where is it's baba wheel at the back? Why Dadda?

Chris and his team already hard at work in his hangar kitchen.

Everyone thoroughly enjoying breakfast.

Over 30 aircraft flew in for breakfast. Not all in the pictures above but these were most of them. Word got out and pilots from other airfields decided to gate crash! With a beautiful day like it was who would not want too! The more the merrier. I think Chris knew this might happen, took the chance and prepared for it. Thank you Sir!

Can you guess who's had breakfast and who is still hungry? Haha!!!

Aviators doing what they do best, talking shop.

The kitchen of a pilot! Radio never too far.

The Jora boys!

Yum!! The proverbial R1000 breakfast! Worth every penny!

Alan giving those interested the grand tour of the old girl.

Departing traffic.

Frank in his happy place! Soon he will be even happier when he looses the training wheel and flying his very own RV7.

Say what you like but there simply is no place like home! Welcome back to Stellenbosch Flying Club!