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Reach for a Dream 2016

Reach for a Dream Foundation Flying Day 2016


Another beautiful morning rose and it was a Saturday for dreams to come true. The dream of flight! Terminally i'll children from around the Cape paid us a visit and we were going to share the magic with them because if they don't experience it now, well it might never happen. What a noble thing to do for us aviators that are so lucky to able go up in the sky on a regular basis and sometimes forget how special moving in another dimension really is.

At just after 8 O'clock all the pilots gathered in the clubhouse for a quick safety briefing on the day's proceedings and best practices.

The excited children arrived and before long propellers were whizzing and smiles were everywhere to be seen.

Peter is one of those "staatmakers" that always comes back year after year with his beautiful Airvan! With its big sliding door the Airvan works great for those children in wheelchairs.

Maybe a bit nervous but so ready for flying!

Alison always on top of things.

All those pretty Cessna's

The Beech Baron with it's big double door and high speed going through passengers almost too quickly for the ground crew to keep up!

Sean, another "staatmaker", going about his business as always in his calm professional way.

Children that have either already flown or still waiting to fly got entertaint by the dancers and also got their faces painted sponsored by Stellenbosch Flying Club. The day is all about having fun!

KFC once again did not disappoint and provided lunch for everyone!

Finger lickin' good!

All children flown and pilots then also enjoyed lunch in the beautiful setting only the Flying Club can provide.

Thank you to each and everyone that made the RFAD 2016 day a tremendous success. Without the members this day can never be achieved. Thank you to the Reach for a Dream Foundation for all their hard work, making children's dreams come true everyday. Thank you to KFC for lining those tummies and lastly a special thank you to all the pilots that flew because FLYING is after all what is ultimately all about!


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