Club Rules



- The Stellenbosch and Somerset West areas are noise sensitive areas. Noise abatement procedures will be adhered to at all times.

- Club members will not overfly the towns of Somerset West and Strand below an altitude of 2000 ft AMSL.

- Club members will not overfly the town of Stellenbosch. Members who need to do so for specific commercial purposes must request permission from the Club Chairman in writing.

- Flights from Stellenbosch Airport to the False Bay Coast or Sir Lowry’s Pass must route west of the Helderberg Village at a minimum height of 1500 ft. AMSL.

- Precautionary landings and simulated engine failures after takeoff may not be practiced at the Stellenbosch Airport.

- The main runway at Stellenbosch is RWY 19. This runway will be used under calm/light wind conditions to assist in lowering the noise footprint. If you need to depart using runway 01 due to weight or performance limitations do not hesitate to do so.


- When RWY 19 is used, aircraft will turn 5-10 degrees to the right once airborne in order to pass well west of the La Pineta Restaurant and the Zettler Farm, as well as the Helderberg Village, if applicable.

- Departing aircraft may not commence the crosswind turn below an altitude of 1000 ft AMSL.

- Pilots of high-powered aircraft (variable pitch/constant speed units) shall apply noise abatement procedures in accordance with the specific aircraft operating procedures. In a further effort to minimize noise pollution, pilots of such aircraft will not select fine pitch until established on final approach when landing. Fine pitch should not be used for take offs, unless a takeoff cannot be safely executed with a reduced setting, or is not recommended by the aircraft manufacturer. In such events, power should be reduced after takeoff as soon as it is safe to do so. The CFI is available to assist pilots in becoming proficient with this take off technique.




- Aircraft joining overhead the Airfield shall join at an altitude of 1800 ft AMSL & shall remain clear of Cape Town CTR & TMA unless under Cape Town Control.

- Standard left-hand circuits at an altitude of 1300 ft AMSL are to be flown for RWY 01 at all times.
- Right-hand circuits at an altitude of 1300 ft AMSL are to be flown for RWY 19 at all times.
- Aircraft will observe the traffic pattern/wind direction overhead the Airport and then descend on the "dead side" so as to join the circuit on a crosswind position at 1300 ft altitude AMSL.



- Pilots shall not do circuit training on weekdays before 07h00 or after sunset.

- Pilots shall not do circuit training on Saturdays before 07h00 or after 14h00.

- Pilots shall not do circuits or circuit training on Sundays or Public Holidays.



- Helicopters may not be air taxied below 100 ft AGL on the Airport, should follow the taxiways, shall not be landed or operated from access ways or between hangers and shall not over fly any Airport buildings below 500 ft AGL.
- The use of Stellenbosch Airport for helicopter operations shall be subject to the Club Committee sanction. Helicopter arrivals shall observe standard joining procedures as they apply to fixed wing aircraft.
- No helicopter training shall be allowed at Stellenbosch Airport.
- Helicopter departures shall follow the procedures as it applies to fixed wing take-offs and pilots shall be especially careful and avoid over flying livestock and horses in the vicinity of the Airport at low level.



- The frequency of 119.3 MHz shall be used within the confines of the Stellenbosch Aerodrome Traffic Area, and should be monitored for at least 5 minutes before entering the area.
- No aircraft shall be flown from the Stellenbosch Airport unless it is equipped with at least one serviceable VHF radio.



- Aerobatic manoeuvres shall not be performed within 5nm of the Stellenbosch Airport or in the vicinity of the surrounding towns.



- The use of the Stellenbosch Airport by micro light aircraft shall be restricted to those whose performance characteristics are such that they can comfortably and safely conform to the standard circuit without disruption to the operation of other aircraft, and whose noise pattern is acceptable to the Committee.



- The Stellenbosch Flying Club shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of parked aircraft on the Stellenbosch Airport, but will not be held liable in the case of any loss or damage.
- Pilots, in the case of incident or accident, will follow the prescribed emergency operating procedure, which is available in the Clubhouse. No member except the Club Safety Officer shall make any statements about or release details of such occurrence, to the media or any unauthorized person.
- Any member wishing to rent an aircraft must submit proof of having attended a minimum of one safety meeting in the preceding 12 months.
- Failure to comply with 18.3 above will require such a member to attend a safety briefing with the Safety officer or a person appointed by him/her.



- No pilot may land or take-off from Stellenbosch Airport at night unless he/she has a night rating, and has been checked out by an authorized Stellenbosch Flying Club Instructor and his/her logbook is endorsed by such an instructor. The names of the pilots so authorized shall be kept on a list maintained by the CFI.
- Night take-offs on runway 01 may be performed at the discretion of the pilot in command, but all night landings will be done on runway 19, except in the case of an emergency. All circuits for runway 19 at night should be left hand circuits.
- No pilot may land or take off from FASH at night unless such a pilot complies with the night flying recency requirements as contained in the Civil Aviation Regulations Part 91.
- The runway lights are switch on and off using an automated system.
- Night Flying circuit training will be restricted to Tuesday evenings ONLY, until 90 minutes after sunset and for the use of approved club members only.
- The Night flying check out referred to in section 19.1 shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  • A briefing on the local procedures, dangers and club rules relating to night flying at FASH.
  • A Dual flight with an approved grade II instructor focusing on circuits and emergency procedures.
  • Any other exercise deemed appropriate by the checking Instructor.



- Whenever any aircraft is left outside when no hangars are available, it will always be secured by means of:

  1. Wheels chocked.
  2. Control locks in place.
  3. Covers on.
  4. Tied down.

- Aircraft engines shall be stopped prior to crossing the PROP CUT LINES painted on the taxiways in front of the Club hangar and fuelling area.
- Helicopters shall not land or take off within the demarcated engine safety area at the fuel bay.
- No aircraft may be parked within the refuelling area or in such a way as to impair the access to the fuel bay or access to the hangars in the area.
- Aircraft may only be parked within the refuelling area for the purpose of refuelling and may under no circumstances be left unattended.
- Only the pilot in-command of an aircraft being refuelled will be allowed in the refuelling area.

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