With a Commercial Pilot Licence you may carry passengers or cargo and be rewarded for your skill.

We are proud to say that we have trained many pilots that are flying all over the world on Airliners, Island Sea Planes, Bush Pilots, Charter Pilots, Medivac Crew & Cargo Aircraft.

You can obtain your CPL on a single Engine or Twin Engine Aircraft.

Piper Arrow
Single Engine Complex Aircraft
Variable Pitch & Retractable Gear

Piper Seneca
Twin Engine Complex Aircraft
Variable Pitch & Retractable Gear

Requirements to obtain your CPL:

- A minimum age of 18 years
- A valid PPL with night rating
- 200 Hrs flight time including
- Pass the CPL Theory
- Class I Medical

Flight time breakdown:
100 Hrs PIC

10 Hrs PIC at night
20 Hrs IF (10 Hrs in the sim)
50 Hrs Cross Country

Theory breakdown:
Radio Aids
Flight Planning
Aircraft Technical
Air Law & Procedures
Human Performance
Navigation & Plotting
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