As a Private Pilot, you are allowed to fly recreational flights in our aircraft available for Hire & Fly or in your own Aircraft.

There is no better place to fly than in the Western Cape!

Have a look at our training fleet.

Requirements to obtain your PPL:
- A minimum age of 17 years (solo at 16)
- 25 Hrs dual with instructor
- 15 Hrs solo
- 5 Hrs Cross Country Solo
- Pass PPL Theory (8 subjects)
- Class I or II medical

PPL Theory breakdown:
Restricted Radio Licence
Flight Planning
Aircraft Technical
Air Law
Human Performance

Similar to a PPL, prospective pilots may also do a National Pilot Licence, NPL.
Requirements to obtain your NPL:
- 20 Hours with an instructor
- 15 Hours Solo
- All NPL Theory
- Class IV Medical

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