We are looking forward to seeing you at FASH.

Please see the joining procedure video below.

Circuit training from 07h00 - Sunset during the week, and 07h00 - 14h00 on Saturdays.

No fixed wing/helicopters to over fly the town of Stellenbosch or Franschhoek below 2000 feet.
This includes HELLSHOOGTE and the various VALLEYS in the MUNICIPAL AREA,
But not applicable to take-off and landing.

Commercial flights to and from Stellenbosch airfield need written pre-approval by the Safety Officer
or Chairman of the Club for each flight.

If you can, please avoid to join inbound from the east over-head the town of Stellenbosch.
Fuel & Parking
Avgas AND Mogass is available between 0800 and 1800

Should you wish to refuel at any other time, you will be liable to pay a call-out fee.

Please take caution when taxiing on the grass; there might be soft ground or holes.
Please push/pull your aircraft on to the taxi-way before start.

Shadrack & Patrick is happy to assist you!
Parking Fees:
-Single Engine - R50/day
-Twin Engine - R60/day
-Larger than twin - R100/day

- Please remember to pay your parking fees at the Fuel Bay.
- Parking Fees only come into effect after two days.

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